This weekend I had the incredible opportunity to be apart of the World Vision Village Experience. 

About a month ago I received a call about World Vision needing some volunteers for their Spokane tour date, where they bring the Village experience into the mall and open it to everyone for free! As it goes, I signed up for two evenings. As I soon found out I wished i had more time to give to this amazing ministry and relief organization! Soon after I arrived I was taken through training (giving us directions and information on what World Vision does) and sent into the field. With name tags and matching shirts sporting the World vision logo and an emblazoned Volunteered print on the back, we introduced and informed hundreds of mallgoers about the ministry and doings of World Vision world wide. 

It was such an amazing thing to be sharing so much about what these people are doing around the world. Seeing the eyes of the youth opened to what is going on around the world. World Vision is a huge advocate of child sponsorship, bringing monetary support to children around the world, providing for them a means to get education, food, and necessary medical help. And seeing young children walking through the exhibit asking their parents if they can help another child just like them across the world, it was a very special moment to be sure. 

As a Band, we have had the amazing opportunity to partner with World vision. Bringing their ministry all across America, raising awareness of what is going on all across the world and within our own walls. If you have never heard of World Visions ministry and want to learn more, go online at 

They’ve truly blessed my life and the lives’ of countless individuals and communities around the world.


5 September 2010 ·

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